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Job Summary:

The Data Collection Officer will be responsible for the collection of video and picture format data using designated data collection devices, and the tagging of the collected data into predefined  fields.

Work hours and location are flexible and wholly determined by the successful candidate, as required data samples to be captured exist across the boundaries of the entire State.

The ideal candidate must have the capacity to work alone and unsupervised and must possess a high level of physical fitness to handle the associated rigours of field work. He/She must be tech savvy in the operations of electronic mobile devices, have good attention to detail, possess excellent visual awareness and must be an out-of-the-box thinker.


Job Requirements (Education, Experience and Competencies)


S.S.C.E. / OND or equivalent



Other Competencies

  • Fluency in English Language
  • Tech savvy in use of electronic mobile devices

Sector: Public / Private / Public / Private Partnership (Radio Button Selection)

Expected Commencement: Immediate / Within 3 Months (Radio Button Selection)

Salary: Commission based on each successfully collected data sample with minimum guaranteed amount of N70,000 upon achievement of minimum monthly target. Exponential increment thereafter based on amount of successfully collected data quantities.

Working days and hours: Self determined / Weekends Only / Weekends excluded (Radio Button Selection)

Work location: Self determined, but within the boundaries of Lagos State

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